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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:10:46

☝️ has been extended to add support for setting asciidoctor options and attributes in config.edn. Please ping me when it is out so that I can use it on my blog 🙏 @carmen / @yogthos

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Nice. Looking forward to seeing some improvements in cryogen web.


Once I get back to my website I hope to contribute some features

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My focus is on asciidoc as I believe it has more potential (although less tooling suport atm). I also the conventions and structure that has around building (documentation) websites from different git repos and modules.


They also have a nice solution for providing an UI


thanks for the PR, just pushed out 0.3.0 version of cryogen-asciidoc with the update 🎉

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:10:35

@yogthos merging the multiple extensions PR broke asciidoc b/c it depends on being merged into core and then depending on that version > Syntax error (IllegalArgumentException) compiling reify* at (cryogen_asciidoc/core.clj:22:3). > Can't define method not in interfaces: exts Here is a PR to revert it

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:10:59

Thanks for the merge! Can you re-release 0.3.0 to clojars? or bump the version and release? 🙏


oh yeah I'll push a new version out in a few minutes


ok everything should be up on Clojars


thanks again for doing the PRs 🙂


• Sorry for the need to simultaneously update the various cryogen repos to handle the multiple-extensions PR. The list of PRs that need to be updated together are:`cryogen-asciidoc` PR number 7 • cryogen-docs PR number 32 • cryogen-markdown PR number 13 • cryogen-flexmark PR number 6 and cryogen-core PR number 146


As @U0522TWDA noted, the dependencies need to be updated after the PRs are applied. I did not want to put the dependency changes into the PRs since I didn't know what the new version numbers would be. I think the current states of the sub-projects of cryogen-project are inconsistent. What is needed is to apply all the PRs in each of the sub-projects mentioned above and then to update all the dependencies.


Please let me know how I can help.


@yogthos Just to be clear, ALL the related PRs need to be applied and then all the dependencies updated. It is not enough to apply just some of them. This is because the name of the protocol method is changed from ext to exts. Happy to do this if I have write access to the repos.


I merged all the PRs I think, but check with @carmen about access


@U0AT6MBUL I sent you an invite to the org!


Thanks. @carmen. Joined. @yogthos thanks. I'll take a look and make the required changes.


Does someone want to review the PRs before I merge them? I feel a bit strange merging my own PRs. But happy to do so if needed.


I'm going ahead with merging the PRs.


Should I push out another release for core and asciidoc?


I have applied the changes to all the relevant repos. BUT, I have not yet updated any of the version numbers. I will update the "patchlevel" versions of all the relevant repos and change the dependencies. Then the repos should be ready to be released.


@yogthos, is the current cryogen-core master branch the same as 0.3.2? Asking because the last tag on the repo is 0.3.1 but the README says 0.3.2.


I downloaded and looked at 0.3.2 and it looks like it matches master.


I updated the master branch of the following repos:


cryogen-asciidoc to 0.3.2


cryogen-markdown to 0.1.13


cryogen-flexmark to 0.1.4


cryogen-docs to 0.1.1


I'll leave the publishing of each of these repos to clojars to @yogthos.


I'll note that the circleci build of cryogen-docs failed . Presumably because the correct versions of the dependencies are not yet on clojars. Other circleci jobs might fail too, for the same reason.


After publishing to clojars, it might be good to run the tests in cryogen-core with all the latest versions.


Going to bed now. Will check back here tomorrow morning.


One other thing ... I did not make any changes to cryogen-core since 0.3.2 seemed to have all the necessary changes.


fantastic, just released all the updated libraries


and @carmen can take a look at the docs


oh it looks like the docs wasn't building because I haven't pushed the new libraries to clojars yet

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)14:10:21

@U0AT6MBUL The advice from the Clojure philosophy would be not to change the protocol (a breaking change) but to create a new one or one in a new namespace. Then you could simply add it to core, release it, and the plugins could choose to extend it in their own time


Thanks. I agree. I did think about just adding an exts method to the existing Markup protocol. If I did that, it is my understanding that since the protocol itself has changed, that would still require synchronized updates. Meaning that if someone updated cryogen-core to the version containing the new Markup protocol, they could not continue to use the old implementations of the previous version of the Markup protocol. Is my understanding correct?