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Live Broadcast - Saturday 09:00 UTC+1 (United Kingdom time) Designing a Clojure deps.edn configuration for all your projects and understanding some of the most common tools available A tour of the user level configuration and the many tools available on top of the Clojure CLI tools approach, providing ways to run repls, generate projects, updating dependencies, test runners, run and package applications, using data inspectors, etc. Along the way I'll discuss the design of the aliases and the recent changes to using aliases with the -M flag and -X flags, which is an important change to the way we use Clojure CLI tools

Brian Abbott17:10:07

Just a reminder, I have updated the event coming up for Clojure-Provo with more details on Bobby’s background and the Zoom Meeting ID - Here is a link to the event, it should be a wonderful night:

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