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Any way I can disable conjure blocking exiting nvim in this case?


I'm pretty sure :qa was what triggered the state from the screenshot


I've run into this issue with other floating window plugins. Sometimes it gets stuck open and I can't close the main window.


not sure what the solution would be in this case. Does opening the split buffer close the floating one?


yeah, I think most movements/actions would close the floating one, it's a small annoyance really, nothing major blocking me from working 🙂


Yeah, you have to close the floating window and then quit. I can't think of another way around this right now... maybe on vimleave or tab close I could close the HUD :thinking_face: I'll have a look. The buffer and window are already scratch, so they shouldn't ask questions if you try and kill them, it's just a weird interplay in having floating windows as the last thing open.


Hmm what's odd is that I can't reproduce it, if the HUD is my last window and I :q or :qa it'll close. I think I've seen this when I try to close a tab though?


Might've fixed it 👀


On develop


Hah 😄 Steps to reproduce: Be in one clojure file, open a new one in a new window, evaluate buffer (Leader > e > b) then directly after do :q and I see that warning


my current way of developing, forgetting to evaluate files, leads me to open up new windows, evaluate the entire buffer then trying to close this, so I hit this maybe twice a day or something