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Hey y’all! Have y’all used or experienced Fulcro? Just wondering your thoughts on it vs more “standard” stack like reagent with reframe


I haven't personally used Fulcro, although it's on my list of things to try sometime. Most of my frontend experience is with reagent.


I would love to hear if anyone has stories to tell about using both reframe and fulcro and where each one is stronger


@nate the fulcro`s author gets into what her believes the differences are in on the clojurescript podcast. Reframe is a front end pub sub framework. Fulcro is full stack, db to ui form solution. Is covers basically everything.


Cool. Thanks for the tip. I'll look for that episode.


That podcast is also the best most up to date overview I have heard.

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hey, just found out about the podcast, very well done! congrats.


I don't know if this is a major topic to be discussed, but I am currently reading more carefully the website... and the state section do not have a single mention to atoms (only refs and agents) and funny enough, I never touched refs and agents in the last 3 years.


atoms are everywhere.. lol. I still feel the distinction between them to be very blurred. I was looking over the previous episode titles and have not find any discussion on that.


@iagwanderson hello and welcome, glad you're enjoying the podcast


atoms are a very important topic to understand and I don't believe we've covered them on their own


there may be discussion mixed into another topic


I'll put it in the list of topics we might cover in the future


cool! I still have a lot of backlog to cover from your previous episodes now hehe. o/