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Martynas Maciulevičius09:10:06

How does the CLJS repl connection work? I want to activate the nREPL test middleware and for some reason it tries to run it as CLJS code. Does nREPL pluggable middleware work for CLJS? Or maybe that means that the testing command from nREPL could be run via some other means?


I'm afraid I'm not sure, I don't work with CLJS at all right now and haven't for a long time so my memory is fuzzy. All I remember is shadow-cljs, how you connect to the Clojure shadow-cljs nREPL then you piggieback into CLJS mode, I remember that being different for figwheel etc, but not too different.


It was a similar piggieback idea.


I'm not sure how that plays with middleware though, sorry. Conjure works (I think) in the same way fireplace does + extra stuff for shadow-cljs, but it doesn't add anything else on top, it's the bare minimum helper stuff to get into a CLJS REPL.


So should overlap with all other editors and tooling.

Martynas Maciulevičius20:10:07

I wanted to run my test runner (from my plugin) but all it does is complains that nREPL doesn't have that specific middleware. If you don't know from the top of your head then it's fine. Maybe it can't even work at all :thinking_face: