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grzm05:10:00 com.grzm/awyeah-api {:git/tag "v0.8.35", :git/sha "1810bf6"} is available • Catch up to aws-api 0.8.596. • Fix handling of HEAD HTTP requests (such as S3 HeadObject). • Fix broken client datafy compatibility. • Use GMT instead of UTC for timestamp formatting.

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Nbb: Node.js babashka v1.0.136! (yes, 1.x.x!) Scripting in Clojure on Node.js using SCI 1.0.136 • improvements for loading namespaces and JS code asynchronously • Fix compatibility with latest HoneySQL version • Bump promesa to latest version and include promise-aware doseq macro Github: Npm: npm i nbb@latest Join the channel at #nbb

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