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After some bad experiences in high school programming classes, my son is showing some interest in learning how to code. His frustration threshold is a little low because of those classes. What's a low-friction site or tool he could use to learn some basic clojure? Reposted in #beginners. Please respond there.


Not sure whether this is the best channel for something like that - I'd ask in #C053AK3F9. But my 5c is that usually lowering friction in one area induces more friction in others. E.g. being able to "code right here right now" can make one familiar with the utter basics, but will be getting in one's way almost immediately (because of a plain text editor in a REPL window). I am in process of teaching Clojure to a friend. She has tried a few supposedly low-friction websites, and they were all subpar at best, so much so that after a couple of days I've persuaded her to just install Calva and follow its Getting Started page.


Thanks. I'll take the question over to #C053AK3F9.