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Any suggestion on how to keep cider-result previous values ?


evaling *1 might be an option

 (cider-nrepl-sync-request:eval "*1")


can i "trace" a function with cider? Just logging the input and output. Or how would you do achieve it?


it might be possible but personally I'd just reach for Tufte which emphasizes being fast / non-invasive

Franco Gasperino20:10:06

@U015KH5ENEM can that be done with an anonymous fn / lambda


@U01RGC7177E I don't know - try it and see. If not, I have found to be a nice library.

Franco Gasperino20:10:42

i've tried it and it appears if cider needs a globally defined var. I've also tried to name the fn - however, it doesn't like that either. it wants the defn..

Franco Gasperino20:10:10

looking @ that library

Franco Gasperino20:10:39

quite interesting. thanks for the tip