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@chase-lambert Hmm that sounds really weird, I'm not doing anything special with git here, might be some weird conflict or something? Maybe try deleting the git dir from your ~/.local/share/nvim (I think)


I can't decide how to make the inline (virtual text) results play with the HUD since both try to solve the same problem. Should I do both all the time (and you can switch either off entirely)? Or maybe it's HUD for non-evals (i.e. doc lookup) and multi line results but inline for single line results... or just eval results inline and everything else HUD... So many ways to do it! Each have their own complexities to implement, document, configure, so I want to pick one style and go for that rather than adding 10 options and it being a complete mess. It won't be perfect for everyone, but nothing ever is, so I'm trying to find a local maximum that seems useful to everyone. Right now I'm leaning towards inline being only for single line eval results, everything else in the HUD... which will be tricky to implement but I think it's worth it? Thoughts?


For clarity, the results will still be in the log buffer, all results are, but the HUD only pops up for multi line eval results and non-eval things like doc lookup

The Continium14:12:17

My thoughts: One option to have inline on or off; for me I would always have this on. When on always do inline but don’t wrap, and truncate anything that goes past the end of line. If it goes past end of line pop up the HUD. If inline is off always pop up HUD.




I like Continium's suggestions


I like the above suggestions too


Yep, sounds good to me too. Thanks for all your work on this @olical and I appreciate your engagement with the community.

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