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@olical I prefer inline results, it's what I am used to from all the other Clojure editors I've (and I've used almost all of them). Truncating inline results to a certain length is common, too. As is using another view for large results. Being able to expand a truncated result would be useful, as protoRepl did, although that should still have a limit. I haven't got used to the HUD, it seems a little awkward too look at a separate area to see the results. I don't find the HUD that convenient for demos or live broadcasts (I appreciate this is a niche use) Tools like reveal and portal can be used for paging through larger data sets or navigating nested data structures. These are great for dealing with large results without slowing down the editor (affects Emacs the most due to the way it parses results)

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I think the default approach will be hybrid, so it'll be inline for things that fit, but for things that stretch off screen with multiple lines I think I'll still rely on the HUD, although not fully sure yet.


I'll just have to use Conjure more in 2021 and become more familiar with the HUD :)