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Andrei Stan18:12:02

hi, i want to add an optional element to my RSS channel :category (:tags config):

(defn make-channel [config posts]
   (partial rss/channel-xml
            {:title         (:site-title config)
             :link          (:site-url config)
             :description   (:description config)
             :lastBuildDate (Date.)
             :category (:tags config)})
   (posts-to-items (:site-url config) posts)))
Now i`m stuck because i do not figured out how to pass this customised function to compile-assets from cryogen-core.compiler

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:12:34

I don't know that part of the code but it is well possible such customization isn't currently possible.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:12:55

@dorab @carmen I'm thinking about some guidelines for accepting / rejecting feature and pull requests, such as: * Is it necessary? I.e. is there an OK-ish way to do it already? (E.g. using the existing customization hooks.) * Is it simple? The more complex the higher the long-term maintenance cost for us 😢 * Is it popular? Have multiple/many people requested it? *... Thoughts? Additions? 🙏


Good list. Thanks. Some possible additions to consider: • Does it enable future enhancements? Ideally in an orthogonal (i.e., decomplected) manner to other current and future features. I am generally concerned about adding features that don't fit in with the existing conceptual and implementation architecture. • What are alternatives to this particular solution? Have they been considered? Pros / cons? • What future features are prohibited (or made very difficult) by this enhancement? • Is the enhancement backwards compatible? • How does the enhancement fit in with existing tests? Are new tests needed?

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)13:12:29

awesome, thanks! Perhaps we should add these to one of the files you have recently added?


Agree with all the mentioned points. I feel like cryogen has been sort of "feature complete" for a while now, in that many things can be achieved through hooks or even with-redefs.

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Sometimes interesting/useful features are requested but maybe not many people would actually use it. In this case a new "how to do x" article on the website should work nicely


(for example, the page on using lunr search)


Added to the end of

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thank you @holyjak for bringing this up. I would like to take this opportunity to ask what is the vision for Cryogen ? What are the features and functionality desired for the project ? There are established static website generators to compare/inspire/borrow functionality from . What are the people/purpses the project serves ? What are the things the project does not want to take on ? It's best if they are expclicit. Is there a project roadmap? If there is a high barrier of entry for changes / new features / PR's then maybe forking the project should be encouraged ... ?!?

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