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Hi. I’m looking into using next-jdbc and I’m trying to get it working with the Postgres JSON and array datatypes. I’ve added the suggested ReadableColumn extensions for and (code exactly as shown in those links) and they seem to be working for the simple case:

(jdbc/execute-one! ds ["select ARRAY[1,2];"]) ;; => {:array [1 2]}
(jdbc/execute-one! ds ["select json_build_object('id', 1, 'name', 'test');"]) ;; =>  {:json-build-object {:name "test", :id 1}}
However, when I have some json within an array I still get the PGobject rather then the json:
(jdbc/execute-one! ds ["select ARRAY[json_build_object('id', 1, 'name', 'test')];"])
;; => {:array [#object[org.postgresql.util.PGobject 0x2ec40fa4 "{\"id\" : 1, \"name\" : \"test\"}"]]}
Does anyone know what needs to be adjusted to make this case work too?