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Little trick I just found (in my own thing, hah): let g:conjure#relative_file_root = "./" Now I just :cd ... into which ever repo or module I'm working in that contains a .nrepl-port file and hit ,cf then I can ,ef even though I'm working with something in a docker container.

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Basically I didn't expect ./ to work as a sort of "resolve all file paths relative to my current directory" like this. Was a pleasant surprise!


As soon as I get that feature in where it auto connects on eval without a connection it should be even better.


You should that into a hints and tips section on the website πŸ™‚

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but, looking forward to the auto connect πŸ™‚


Where can I get help with Neovim and vim-plug? I have used the following steps to try and install conjure but it seems that the plugin has not downloaded. I am unsure which directory the plugins are supposed to install to, so it maybe I missed that. This is my first time using neovim and vim-plug, so assume I know nothing (except how to quit vim). I've also run the interactive :ConjureSchool tutorial using the curl -fL | sh command. It launches okay and I can evaluate (school.lesson-1) using the key binding , e b. The buffer says my <localleader> wasnt configured, so it was set to , by default. :help conjure-mappings displays an error: E149: Sorry, no help for conjure-mappings So I am guessing something is broken or missing with my neovim and/or vim-plug config but its not clear where to start debugging this.


wrt vim-plug, are you running :PlugInstall?


And wrt the mappings, I guess you don't have a localleader set right now? I tried to make it set a default for you (,) but maybe that's not working :thinking_face: I don't think I've had any feedback from others relying on it yet. So it could be wrong!


Hmm, testing the school without a leader (`-u NONE`) and it sets it to comma for me.


But yeah, vim-plug does nothing stateful until you tell it to. So the config is more instructions than anything, like a deps.edn. :PlugInstall and the other :Plug* commands are what actually download / update / clean your plugins out


Then when you restart neovim it'll load up whatever plugins vim-plug has placed on the path.


(including conjure I hope!)


I totally missed :PlugInstall so its no wonder nothing was working πŸ™‚ More things are happening now I have run it.


conjure (or at least jack-in) seems to be working as its just found a bug in my ~/.clojure/deps.edn file (its a real bug too). Things are looking very promising.


Yay! Glad to hear it!


I presume this is for a guide of some sort?


Exciting to see you in Conjure land, even if it's for a little delve for information ☺️


REPL server started on port... it works. Now I have to learn how to use Conjure πŸ™‚ I'd like to add a specific vim based guide to the Clojure tools section of Practicalli Clojure and Conjure seems to be the best approach.


I may be asking more questions in the very near future. I see there is a lot of useful info on the github repo and on discord. Just want to create an essentials guide (or link to one) so people can get going quickly


That's so good! Thank you so very much! I appreciate every guide/post/doc massively


I'll be more than happy to help out wherever possible


Good to see neovim + conjure on Practicalli πŸ™‚


I still have a lot to learn about conjure and neovim. There are a lot of tools I regularly use that I would like to have before being comfortable using Neovim, so more plugins seem to be in my future (as well as a nice theme) and learning how to split windows / switch buffers...