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Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce the release of martian 0.1.13 Martian provides an abstraction allowing you to describe the HTTP endpoints that you call without methods, urls and query parameters leaking into your application code, allowing you to work with pure Clojure data. It builds on the flexible interceptor pattern familiar to users of pedestal and supports APIs described with OpenAPI/Swagger. Describing HTTP calls as data allows you to easily stub remote services, generate responses and add aspects such as logging and metrics. Once again I am really pleased and proud to be supported by my contributors, thank you everyone. This release adds support for: • OpenAPI v3 - huge thanks to @czan #90 #51 • Parameter references - thanks to @kpmg-jp-jnorton #87 Enjoy! Cheers, Oliy

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wonderful project. thanks for what you've done


Hi @UNJE65T24 thank you for the kind words!


Friends, a new stable version of is out 2.4.0 🎉 Graceful server shutdown. Server state queries. SNI-capable client. And for compilation to a native-image with GraalVM try 2.5.0-alpha2🙌 Check out the full list changes here: Thanks, as always, to @ptaoussanis

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A little off-topic, but I'm curious to know if any heap memory measurements have been done of httpkit?


I don't think so. I've never done any, and have never read of any either.


From what I've read in the docs and code comments, the sense I get is that it's really light on resources.


In theory it should be, yeah. Maybe I'll measure. I've been curious about low memory clojure applications :)


I did some measuring. Http kit can run in 10 m of heap, and easily handles 22k req/s in an i7-3520M. This is two orders of magnitude above jetty which achieved 700req/s


@U09LZR36F Thanks! that's awesome. What did you use to generate requests?


I used wrk.


Hi everybody! 0.9.0 is out! 🎉💥The GUI is now free also for commercial purposes💥 🎉 Yay! I am also contributing Rabbit MQ support (for workflow job transactions / job channel) to the OSS community version.

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Hey everyone, parcera just reached v0.11.2 containing a fix for some edge cases where comments and discard is treated just like whitespaces. Special thanks to @sogaiu for the detailed report and testing

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