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Oliver George09:08:25

Wondering about adding react-native-community/react-native-permissions to my app. We use geolocation, take photos and allow picking images from the image library. Is it overkill or a nicer interface for working with permissions?


i've used before and it was fine (i needed it only for android) but lib you mentioned seems good choice

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Oliver George09:08:51

Without it I feel like I'm blind to permission state until I trigger a request for permission.


Krell CIDER documentation I added Krell documentation for CIDER. But only how to start it from within CIDER. See: Do you use Krell with CIDER and do you start it standalone and then subsequently connect to it via CIDER? If you do, can you add that part of the section? I personally use shadow-cljs, hence the request. Thanks


Are you using Krell with Leiningen at all? If you are, how do you do it? I’d like to add it here:


The succinct documentation about Krell setup has been merged into cider ’s repo. If your usage involves use via leiningen, please add the steps. Thanks