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Jody Hilton is spamming in #jobs and #remote-jobs


I don't consider that spam -- they are Clojure-related and we do allow posts from folks seeking jobs as well as folks offering jobs.


If we get too many posts seeking work, we'll have to reconsider but right now it's occasional.


All the same, I'll ask the other Admins for input on this.


Even if she replied to more than 40 threads, going back to posts from April?


Ah, that I did not see and it wasn't clear that's what the complain was...

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OK, yes, that is egregious behavior indeed.


Renamed to (spammer) (as our way to track/identify such users), deactivated, and all those repeated posts deleted. They had posted genuine job openings back in Jan/Feb and those have been left in place, as have their other interactions in threads where folks complained about the spamming.

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Yeah I had interacted with Jody back in Jan. Given the spammy behavior, isn't there a good chance that the job post was fake as well? They could be simply harvesting CVs for $purposes. These sorts of profiles (recruiters with no known final customer, no avatar, etc) always give you some chat and then go dead silent when one would await news for the job application.


That is to say, I wish things were better (not unlike some slacks enforce). I already strip my CV of most PII but I'm afraid most people don't act like that.