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any idea why in info mode those quoted characters render wrongly?


ok checked with describe-char and I think the issue is the face has a familiy attribute Monospace Serif maybe I don't have such a face installed


can confirm it is fixed by setting the face family of fixed-pitch to "Monospace"


Hi folks. In clojure-mode, when I run sexp-at-point before parenthesis, it works. However, when I run it before a map, as in |{:foo :bar}, where | is the point, it returns nil. Why is that? How can I reliably get the next sexp?


You could try

(let ((beg (point))
      (end (save-excursion 
 (buffer-substring beg end))


Nice, thanks. I thought that each major mode defined its own sexp-at-point, but I suppose it’s not the case.

Drew Verlee23:06:04

I feel like lsp and cider are fighting over showing me the function signature and they are both losing. Is anyone else getting behavior where it flips back and forth between what looks like one or the other?

Drew Verlee23:06:57

@UKFSJSM38 thanks! ill give that a try.