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This person made a very inappropriate joke about one country invading another. When several people highlighted this was inappropriate the message was deleted. Since then this person has decided to try and justify that inappropriate remark, further going on to criticising those who raised the objection;cid=CBJ5CGE0G Perhaps a encouragement to read the code of conduct by the admins would help before these comments become even more offensive


Seems the message is ”No offense intended”. What would be the problem with that?


The person is trying to justify the original offensive comment. Then claiming we are wrong to raise an objection and their original offensive comment by talking about their right to free speech.


If they were genuine, they would have simply apologized and move on, rather than trying to justify their comments


I read it as: ”I think this should be OK, but I hear ya”. Not seeing the problem with him wanting to explain his position. Not seeing the problem with maintaining a different opinion on the subject.


It's a small interaction, I wouldn't say they need some sort of direct action, but reinforcing that our messages & conduct affect others and we should be thoughtful about that when interacting with people here might be prudent

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the "free speech" bit they followed this message up with is what puts up a flag that this person is probably acquiescing rather than understanding and empathizing with the people who told them that they didn't like their joke