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Hey, a simple thing, how would I put the (dom/text (str x)) before the button in the dom? By "before" I mean that I want the text to the left of the button. The dom elements mount as an effect. The text node comes after since it depends on the input events...

Dustin Getz13:06:53

you can loop it with an atom for now until we come up with something better. this pattern is under active development, yes the imperative dom is an issue- there are a few great paths forward

Dustin Getz13:06:20

i believe there is a 7 GUIs wip demo or maybe the reagent tutorial wip example which shows the atom positioning workaround


Ok, thanks. I'll look for it.

Dustin Getz21:06:36

We'd like to contract someone to port the RealWorld demo to Photon. DM me if interested


looks to me that the realworld “spec” enforces a backend/frontend split. Even going as far as “All backend implementations need to adhere to our”


so I guess a photon version wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison

Dustin Getz10:07:01

yes, not sure what can be done about that


I don't get it, you're hiring a contractor for your own tech, that hasn't been released yet? sounds cost-inefficient

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