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Aleksandra Samonek09:01:14

Hello! Would be alright if I added a separate channel for our reading group on “Clojure for the Brave and True”? It will go on throughout 2021 and we could use a place to catch up in between the sessions. 🙂


@asamonek I don't think anyone will object. Quite the opposite, it's very nice to see you organize this.


There does seem to be a channel already? #braveandtrue


@asamonek alternatively you can setup a stream on Clojurians-Zulip ( Among other things it uses topics for scoped discussions (chapters?), and messages are persisted which prevents the ‘this channel looks abandoned’ that newcomers might run into. I can help you setup if necessary.

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I just added @zulip-mirror-bot to the #braveandtrue channel so any future posts there will be archived to Zulip. It already had @logbot. I agree with @eval2020 that organizing a stream on Zulip with topics for each chapter is likely to be a better option for you @asamonek since it will retain all messages posted there and it will be searchable. If you use #braveandtrue here on Slack, the messages will disappear after a few days and search will not find them (although they will be logged to the clojureverse log for clojurians and to the slack-archive > braveandtrue topic on zulip).