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In Cursive (prior and latest stable) I have a forked version of specter…which has CLJC files. The nav ns pulls macros out of core and the core ns requires nav. Cursive mis-detects a ns loop in this condition and won’t let me load nses that use it. Is there a hack in place for regular specter? (i.e. I made a fork with new namespace names to prevent dependency conflicts). My version runs fine, but the REPL integration is hosed and refuses to load.


I’m not sure about this sorry. I’m actually away with my family right now, but I’ll look at this ASAP when I’m back.


I’m planning to make that check less aggressive, because it currently incorrectly catches cases which are not actually problematic.


ok, thanks. Yeah, I’d rather just get the error from the REPL if possible when it has proven a problem. But perhaps that is a problem because of what you do to integrate, etc. Thanks!


those are the offending lines that cause the error


(but I don’t remember ever getting those when I use raw specter)