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Hi all - I just joined a .net organization (after years of working at a java shop) and figured I'd give clojure clr a shot (I extensively use clojure for tooling and poc and such)... Right off the bat, after getting it from nuget, I'm having trouble running a repl...


I tried running Clojure.Main.exe after moving it and the dlls into the same place and still have issues with symbols: System.TypeInitializationException: the type initializer for 'Clojure.CljMain' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate clojure.core.server.cljc.dll or clojure/core/server.cljc on load path..


When nuget opened the package, I got Clojure.dll, Microsoft.Dynamic.dll and Microsoft.Scription.dll - plus the Clojure.Main.exe and Clojure.Compile.exe... that's all I should be expecting, right?


let me pull and see what i get, one sec


it looks like clojure code is merged into Clojure.dll but the clojure.server namespace is missing


probably a bug in the way clojure is deployed to nuget


Ohh.. thanks for checking that, @nasser...