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Heads up regarding the exponent-cljs-template (if you use it). - Renamed all references from Exponent -> Expo (template is now expo-cljs-template) - Upgraded Expo to 17.0.0 - Upgraded all Reagent dependencies to their latest versions (including Clojure/Clojurescript/Figwheel/Re-Frame/etc.) It seems like some stuff broke in the process (especially regarding boot, references to @tiensonqin’s cljs-exponent library (as React Native deprecated Navigator references), but I’m going to slowly try to work through all of the problems. Please file issues and if you can help out I’d really appreciate it. I’ve only worked with Reagent and Leiningen, so I’m guessing I’ve got a steep learning curve ahead of me. 🙂 PS. If you aren’t happy and want to use the older version, the old lein template is still around. Just use lein new exponent <project-name> to get it.


@kurt-o-sys you have a couple of hints in the log:

ReactNativeJS: Application fleeman has not been registered.
05-21 19:20:26.329 14465 14485 E ReactNativeJS: 
05-21 19:20:26.329 14465 14485 E ReactNativeJS: Hint: This error often happens when you're running the packager (local dev server) from a wrong folder. For example you have multiple apps and the packager is still running for the app you w
ere working on before.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
05-21 19:20:26.329 14465 14485 E ReactNativeJS: If this is the case, simply kill the old packager instance (e.g. close the packager terminal window) and start the packager in the correct app folder (e.g. cd into app folder and run 'npm st


Maybe you deleted the register component call from the init function in your app? Btw renaming then might have also cause the problem since they are imported in the env namespace


@carocad Found the problem: I used cljs.core/reader in my code. It seems to work from fighweel repl, but not when I build an apk. Made it a macro to read some edn structure, and it works now. Thx anyway!


Ah I think this might be related to a note from @vikeri regarding access to the file system from react native and cljs. Thanks for the info


@jouerose I just took a quick look at natal-shell and filed two issues on github. I still need to test it on my app. Looking forward to that :)


@carocad that's just nice. just had a look at the issues. I hope both projects can contribute to each other