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@escherize :-) it is a bit like using indicator controls on a car. If you learn to drive with the indicator control on the left of the steering column (European cars) ... good luck ever getting out of that habit when you get in a new car. Just had that experience AGAIN over the weekend - hired an Assuie Ute for a job and spent the entire time turning on the headlights instead of indicating a turn.


So true, I would always indicate a lane change by wiping my windsheild when I was in Oz.


@sandbags: re your suggestion to mention re-com/p in the docs. Good idea, will put that in somewhere. Am processing some of the PRs and issue for re-com at the moment.


By the way, I have fixed the issue you reported "When adding a :tooltip to a [hyperlink]...". It was also a problem with other components, so fixed those as well. Not pushed yet. Will do that this week some time and get a new version out.


that's great @gregg thanks


with respect to form handling, in the past i've used Pupeno's free-form library with re-frame, which makes building forms very simple (since it handles the database backing nicely). I'm not sure that I can't just use freeform with re-com but wondered if you have any experience?


Have to say I have not had any experience with free-form but will certainly have a little look and if I see any potential issues, will let you know