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hello all, in coverage html report, seeing in the namespace part, what is the color means? Green -> exist test for this, organge -> ? and red -> no test cover that function?


in the code, not in the report


@fabrao, yeah, the cloverage README should really cover this stuff. Or maybe the report itself should include a legend? Anyway, once you figure it out a git issue followed up with a PR would be a great contribution! Soo… that’s the html report, yeah? Maybe having a peek at in the cloverage project will give us hints? covered = #558B55 = green not-covered = red partial = orange Not sure where that yellow is coming from… but does that lead you down the right path?


thank you for information, the yellow part I don´t know why too. Sorry, I couldn´t find the explanation in README.


Oh, neither could I! I went to the code. I was suggesting maybe you’d want to help others by adding an explanation once you figured it out.


It's interesting to see this come up as a discussion because whenever I've used any coverage tools over the years that use color, I've always just "assumed" red: bad, green: good, orange: meh/maybe/partial, but color isn't really a good way to communicate such things because a) some people are red-green colorblind and b) not all cultures automatically assume red: bad, green: good. (In China, red is associated with joy and good luck -- although green is "clean and contamination free")


Yeah, good points!