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Crosspost from #clojurescript because this affects fulcro-rad: TLDR: The pom.xm in fulcro-rad needs an update, otherwise old dependencies are pulled in, such as instead of 0.1.18. I stumbled across this, because I updated to the latest version of CLJS which removes the global access to google modules like goog.obj and this is a breaking change for the old version of java-time. It's already fixed / updated in RADs deps.edn though, but the pom takes precedence over deps for transitive deps of a projects jars. Long story short,

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Release 1.1.6-1


Upgraded my RAD project to Pathom3, but I see that Inspect doesn't support it yet, and to use the index explorer, a workaround would be to use Pathom Viz with its connector. Can anyone suggest how I could incorporate a call to when setting up the DB parser in RAD around

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:02:35

What's the problem? If new-processor returns a parser than just call connect-env on that as in the docstring?


connect-env expects [env config] as arguments. How do I get those from the result of new-processor?


The config is there, but the env gets built up inside new-processor, as I understand it..

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:02:12

Ok. From the docstring it looks like it takes (p.connector/connect-parser {::p.connector/parser-id ::my-parser} (p/parser ...))

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:02:14

Perhaps #pathom can be of more help?


@tony.kay Thx for the port to Pathom3 — it’s working for me in “fulcro-rad-demo”, and I’ve written 5+ resolvers in it (including one batch resolver), and my first mutation last night! I appreciate many of the simplifications it affords. Purely FYI. cc @wilkerlucio

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