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Anyone know of an available event streaming / routing system such as the old onyx / pyroclast? Specifically looking for demonstrable event stream + interactivity + user rules. Is Kafka / ksqlDB where it is at?


@parameme I’ve been wondering recently about viability of a SaaS that would accept some sexpy representation of the kafka streams API and compile it into kafka streams/kafka-connect jobs and launch the corresponding containers and provide a built-in dashboard exposing all the underlying metrics in a pretty way. It’s something I’m surprised confluent don’t already do (they do managed connectors, and ksqldb, but not kstreams afaik). I think there’d be some cool stuff you could do in this way, like exposing a nice way of running user defined “foreign functions” defined in e.g. python, or node (these communities are currently “locked out” of using kafka streams because it’s jvm only). Sort of how html “embeds” javascript in html, I think you could quite easily embed any language you wanted within a markup that used streaming primitives and references functions defined in the embedded code (like js onClick handlers).

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