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Hello all, feel free to share any pre-meeting thoughts on any speakers we would like to directly invite to speak at the conference cc @jasonbell


Typically we invite up to about 50% of the speakers to talk at the event (or at least reach out encourage particular people to submit). We only have about half a dozen submissions so far, so a long way to go before we have a full schedule.


Good morning


Please review the talks on the spreadsheet that SkillsMatter sent to you (if you didnt get the email, please let me know)


Talks Number 7 and number 9 look very interesting to me so far.


When we meet to review, please have thoughts on whether a talk sounds interesting and what you like (or not sure about) for each talk.


Has there been any social media push, any mail out from SM about the extension?


I havent seen anything. I usually do not rely on SkillsMatter to get the message out. Any social media outreach anyone can do is appreciated.


I'll do some out reach later today


Are there any Clojure Facebook groups (I know, FB…. 😕 ) or the Linkedin Clojure Users group. Twitter is limited in reach nowadays, it’s hard to push the message out.


hmm, it would be good to identify which social media channels we should reach out to. I don't believe anyone has written this down anywhere.


I get the SM mailing list nothing on CFP jumps out. It’s what’s coming up.


I can ask Carla at SkillsMatter if she will send out a message.

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I would love to see a couple of talks focusing on ClojureScript. Maybe invite people like David Nolen and Mike Fikes?


Another person that I think has done some good work in this area with well constructed video tutorials is Jacek Schae. His latest projects include:


Agreed that Jacek Schae is great and not just because he interviewed me for his podcast 🙂


@jr0cket I’ve not seen the spreadsheet, can I get access please?


Ditto, I don't seem to have received it yet either


If SkillsMatter added the email addresses, you should have got an email from <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> with the subject (Clojure eXchange 2019) ClojureX 2019 CFP Extension


If this is not in your spam folders, then I'll chase SkillsMatter to add you. Thanks


From last year, I enjoyed: Charlotte Fereday -> Clara Rules. Antony Woods -> Lacinia with Spec, Tristram Oatem -> Music with Alda and Enda. Karsten’s keynote and the fun with maps talk that @maleghast did.

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And I’ve just thought of a talk I can do….


Nothing to do with machine learning, kafka or failing badly at stuff 🙂


hmm, it would be good to identify which social media channels we should reach out to. I don't believe anyone has written this down anywhere.


Social Media channels I know @ldnclj - London Clojurians official twitter account (I have access, can give more access to others) @clojurebridgeln - ClojureBridge London twitter account (I also have access)


This slack community


And what about the marquee companies that all want to hire, surely it’s in their interest to stir some interest up in the core UK Clojure conference? A simple couple of tweets can’t be too much to ask.


You would think so. Sponsorship is managed by a separate team in SkillsMatter but I will try and reach out to them too.


This is more a community thing than a sponsorship thing. Even if you provide the text of the tweet to them, it’s a copy/paste job. It increases reach.


Apologies if I’m teaching you to suck eggs etc 🙂


I also enjoyed Bozidar's talk last year

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I’d love to see this year: more on mobile development, it feels untapped. More how companies are using Clojure (though i know this can get out of hand and become a sales pitch). More on the core stuff. A nice howto on Java Interop (which is kind of the direction my talk is about).

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We're using Clojurescript here at riverford for our mobile app, thinking of submitting a talk called "Clojure on a farm"


I'm obviously partial as I work for JUXT, but I'm sure Jon would want someone to talk about Crux. It could be very interesting

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The Crux workshop at Funding Circle was great. I am sure new talks by JUXT people would be warmly welcomed.


Everyone should have access to Basecamp now. If you read the following message, there is a link to a (read only) view of the submissions so far


Nice, you've got Reshef from AppsFlyer submitting a talk


They're grown massively over the past few years


I've actually got a Clojure In interview with some of the core tech team waiting to be published


What is the significance of the green vs red rows @jr0cket?


Red/Pink backgrounds are a full talk, pale green background is for a lightning talk

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Keynotes are not organised via the CfP


We have 3 people submitting from AppsFlyer, so I should probably take a look at the company. Would be very interested to read the JUXT Clojure In... article about them too...


Proposal done. 🙂


AppsFlyer look like an interesting company.


Just a reminder. As this is a public channel, please don't discuss the specifics of any particular submitted talk here. We have the SkillsMatter bandcamp channel for that. Feel free to share thoughts on the process and how we can make it better, and who we would like to get involved (both company and speaker). It it not appropriate to discuss any specific submission or talk idea in public though. I am sure you already appreciate this, but just wanted to let everyone on the channel know the expectation.


So far I believe everything we have said has been okay 🙂


I like ClojureX and would like to add some ideas: Instead of having short, pre-prepared talks and calling them "lightning talks", maybe call them something else? And maybe have a slot for lightning talks?


Instead of just looking for slot fillers, maybe ask people how long would they like their talk to be?


Why stick to this rigid format where you have to have some well known person speaking at people? Why not change it up a bit a maybe have even a bar camp style talks in all that space that Skills Matter have? That way you'd ensure that ideas are not following just one way.