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(into #{} (comp (map :make) (map str/lower-case)) [{:make “Volvo”} {:make “Audi”} {:make “volvo”}])


I assume namespace/name?


I haven't tried it


Yeah, that works - thanks!

Joe Lane16:06:30

Oh awesome!!!


doublecheck that (namespace the-kw) and (name the-kw) give what you expect


and it's not doing something silly like making the name part "ns/name" (i.e. with a slash in it)


that is a bug I can imagine happening


Everything seems to work right! Thanks so much, I couldn't think of what syntax to even try with it 🙂

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:07:04

Neither would have I. It would be helpful to get an example of this added to the docs.


@jaret Might be worth adding how to return namespaced keys in return maps to the docs, I wasn't able to figure it out without help

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at adding an example.


Not sure how active #ions-aws. Maybe this is a better channel for this issue.


I think I just crashed my datomic cloud - I retracted an entity, then tried to pull the entity and everything hung (using datomic-socks-proxy to connect). My cloudwatch sat stuck at 6 pending ops for a while and I couldn't reconnect to the socks proxy so I tried rebooting the EC2 instances. When I tried to restart the compute instance, it went from "starting up" to "shutting down" and was then terminated by AWS - I don't think I told it to do that! My socks proxy instance started back up without a problem, but of course it can't do anything. I'm going to try a compute-only upgrade and see if things come back.

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This is all with the solo topology.


what version of Datomic solo template @shaun-mahood?


I'm not sure which version I was on, it looks like I originally created the compute stack on 2019-03-28, and I think that was an upgrade from the original combined stack. So I probably used CFT 470-8654, is there a way I can find out? It was pretty recent, but I just upgraded to 477-8741. Both my compute node and socks proxy are running again but the socks proxy can't connect now.


make sure your bastion security group allows ingress


see if you have the same error on 477


Bastion security group looks ok to me, I just followed the instructions on the getting started page and nothing changed. The bastion is hung on the line client_input_global_request: rtype want_reply 0


I tried updating it to remove and put back on the bastion, still nothing. Going to put in a ticket for it.