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3.0.0-alpha-12 on clojars. Fixed some small issues with fetch and pre-merge. Finished full Inspect support. A new release of Inspect is pending that improves some output, but it is not required…F3 is fully bw compatible with older inspect chrome extensions.

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Hi! Could someone give me a summary of the features of fulcro, preferably compared to re-frame if possible.


Is it easy to use with GraphQL?


@vikeri I can’t compare it to re-frame myself, but yes you can you it with GraphQL fairly easily (though I haven’t tried). That’s not a feature of Fulcro though, that’s a feature of Pathom


(and Fulcro integrates nicely with Pathom)


So if you have questions specific to integrating with GraphQL I would recommend you pop on the #pathom channel


Ok nice, just preparing a presentation. We use re-frame but our use case for GraphQL isn’t that strong. But I know many applications that would benefit greatly from being able to intergrate tightly with a GraphQL backend. Therefore it would be nice to know what people are using in the cljs realm if they want a GraphQL backend. Fulcro hence seems to be the best option :thumbsup:


@vikeri does reframe not integrate nicely with graphql?


Not automatically, you’d have to specify yourself which data to get and when.


@vikeri this talk might be interesting for you, the entire thing is worth a watch but the fulcro stuff starts at around the 24 minute mark. Regardless if you use EQL or GraphQL fulcro is just a really natural fit as it relies a lot on graphs itself.

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@channel I am digging fulcro book for any documentation where I can just use http (no websocket). While I know it is possible, I was just wondering if anyone had any production experience with using Fulcro with just HTTP for client/server communication.


@ktuman the default remote is exactly that. The websocket support is a totally diff thing. In F3 it’s even in a diff library.


Most of my projects happen to use websockets, but that is just because they’re so darn handy 😉


And it is also a great user experience as well. For cases where we can not use WS due to some infrastructure/networking restriction, HTTP is the only option