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Evan Hackett22:09:05

Hey all, I'm new here. I haven't gotten in to clojurescript yet but I watched some David Nolen talks and wanted to try out Om. I'm a react/react-native developer. I can't tell if Om is abandoned or if it is just super stable. Can anyone give me some advice about what to try out? Perhaps there are successors/alternatives to Om?


Welcome. I’ve heard great things about Fulcro. I believe it considers itself an Om successor.


I would start with Reagent. It’s a thin wrapper around React and seems to be the most popular React wrapper so the documentation and community support is strong.

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@UNNUQSTN2 Fulcro (v3-RC) is what you would be looking for if those talks were about om next, which is about the concept of treating state on the front-end as a normalized database entity table. If you were just looking for oldschool om then you could indeed also look at reagent which is the popular choice for react wrappers.


I really wanted to get into Om/ and only ever got some minor cognitive traction, even with Tony Kay's excellent docs. Reagent + re-frame were a better fit for where I was coming from. re-frame in particular has excellent and enjoyable conceptual documentation.

Evan Hackett17:09:27

thanks everyone

paul a23:09:21

i'm getting this error when i try to compile my clojurescript with clojure -Acljs --optimizations advanced -c myproject.frontend: Error: Cannot find module '@cljs-oss/module-deps'. where is this unmet dependency is coming from?