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Dear Calva-friends, do you understand why Calva has a toggle for switching paredit on and off? It was like that already when I adopted the paredit extension, and I have never questioned it. But really, why would you want to toggle paredit on and off?


Asking so that I don’t remove the toggle and there were some good reason for it being there…


I just don’t use it, so it’s always off.


@zelark, but if I change it to always on, would anything change for you?


Nothing, while I can switch it off.


What I am saying is that I am considering disabling your ability to switch it off. 😃


Oh, then it will affect me a lot


To me It’s always better to be able to switch on and off something,


But I fail to see how it would affect you. Can you elaborate?


Maybe stupid question, but does it do some changes automatically when it is on?


Not to my knowledge. Paredit is on-demand.


Thanks. Then I don’t think it will affect me


Maybe you can try to run with it on a while and we will find out if it makes a difference?

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Janne Sauvala08:09:52

At least on Cursive I had to sometimes turn paredit off to be able to fix forms. That time I was new to Clojure and parediting didn’t allow me to do modify the code I wanted. Later I realized what the different editing modes are for. The option to turn it on/off would be beneficial for new Clojure programmers.

Janne Sauvala08:09:09

Another thing came into my mind: what if paredit-code contains a bug and it’s affecting the user. Then the user would need to wait for a Calva release to be productive again


Thanks for input! Let’s sort some things out. Calva Paredit will only interfere with your “normy” form editing, if you have enabled strict keyboard settings. And even then Calva makes it super easy to override the most common culprit (being hindered from deleting a paren) by the pressing alt when you delete. In any case, this strict mode setting is not what I want to remove.


As for bugs hitting non-paredit users. Disabling the toggle would very unlikely have that effect. For two reasons: 1) Paredit commands are on demand. So if you use them you might be affected by bugs in them, but if you don’t, then not. 2) (Slightly contradicting the first reason) Paredit is used internally by Calva for many things. And then the toggle has no effect anyway.


The reason I’d like to remove the toggle is that I’d like to have fewer places where bugs can be introduced. Every setting introduces logic and maintenance. I try to keep Calva as free of settings as I can, partly to just be able to maintain it.


Anyway, I am not removing the toggle just yet. Let’s see if @zelark discovers the reason it is there, first. 😃

Janne Sauvala14:09:41

Now it makes more sense to remove the option 👍:skin-tone-2:

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