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Oh, it's a complicated answer - there are those who feel that systemd is breaking the spirit of unix, i.e., do one thing and do it well (systemd is doing more and more) coupled with it's Lennart Poettering's view of how things should be done (with help from others)


There's no doubt that tooling around systemd, since it's there, i.e., logging facilities etc., are good, but those are side effects of systemd being there in the first place.


Personally, I use arch linux, which uses systemd - and I'm okay with that - since archlinux is a fantastic distro and I like being on a rolling release, also it's (freebsd)port-like system of packages is amazingly great with a low entry to maintainership.


but I too don't like the creep that systemd seems to have...


there are strong views on either side 😉


You can rip it out of arch


There's also security concerns. PID1 is stronger than root, and we are connecting it directly to things that talk to the internet? No thanks.


Agreed, definitely, but <shrug>, I guess i'm just to lazy to do so 🙂 I suppose, as I've got older, I just want my stuff to work, without must hassle or fuss these days (gone are the days when I would hand-craft my own custom kernel for that extra special whizz-bang goodness and speed!) 🙂

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I have to agree on this point. The older I get and the more home and family responsibility that comes up, the less time I want to (or even can) spend on fiddling about with things that aren't helping me pay the bills 🤷 But YMMV


same. just give me something that works, I've only got time to care about a limited amount of stuff


I find myself more preoccupied on doing clojure, than worrying what systemd is doing 😄 I think that is a good trade-off 🙂

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Can anyone recommend any decent libs for working with finite state automata’s? Happy to roll my own, but just curious if anyone’s got some good recommendations.


Fully automata? With transducers? Or just states?


Also, depends what you're doing :) if you're doing text processing, there's a great java library.


I played with Zach's library, but that's been wrapped up. I'd look at Metosin's library.


Hmm, event modelling =)…


@dominicm zach’s lib is unworkable?


It works, but I thought he archived it


That he did