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@mario.cordova.862 I upgraded yesterday (`develop` branch) and the CIDER REPL is working okay for me so far. Same CIDER version as you. Did you restart Emacs again after updating all the packages? Also make sure you update Spacemacs itself and your .spacemacs file from the template SPC f e D

Mario C.14:09:37

Yes I did restart. And by updating spacemacs itself do you mean doing a git pull in the .emacs.d directory? Because I did do that. I start the REPL and freezes but I can work around it by doing C-g. I see a message that says Error in process filter : Quit [2 times]. But now I can switch to the REPL buffer and it seems to work fine.


Did you update your .spacemacs file from the template, using SPC f e D


I assume it's been a while, so there may be some important changes to copy across from the Spacemacs template, especially if it's been a while since you updated Spacemacs.


I suggest trying the simplest Clojure or ClojureScript project, to check the issue is not caused by a library. Also try using the Emacs debug tools


You could also comment out any layers you don't need, then adding them back one by one and see which breaks

Mario C.22:09:54

Yea it was specific to a project. Some how tools.nrepl is being added as a dependency but I dont see it in the deps tree. So gotta look into more