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@dnolen: I really like the way manages async events. Porting the google go example made it is much more readable and testable then the core async version. I'd like to port that portion of over to it's own library to use in Clojure(Script). Should I wait until it's more fully baked and what are the attribution / license requirements?


@spinningtopsofdoom: same as Clojure, EPL & Om is under my CA which is just a copy of the Rich Hickey CA with my name instead


Thanks where is the CA link?


@spinningtopsofdoom: there is no link, if you want me to send it to you email me


Does anyone know of an up-to-date blogpost, tutorial, etc. for doing interactive JavaFX development with clojure? The conj talk got me interesting in trying it as opposed to seesaw. Most of the examples I'm finding aren't amenable to repl development or are from a few years back.


someone seen this error : with Light table on Windows


is there any way to make certain namespaces private when publishing a library?


Is there a way, given a compojure routes form and a handler var name, to figure out what routes match it?


routes in this case being pre-substitution, i.e. of the form /path/to/:id/


Is there any easy way to tell Clojure "omg just redef it" when I get Alias joplin already exists in namespace panda-5.persistence.migrations, aliasing joplin.repl?


I'm doing a little hacking on clojure.test, and I'm curious about why report-counters is a ref and not an atom.


@hlship: because it pre-dates atom




Hey Gang - Anyone successfully running SublimeREPL with the Lein REPL in Windows? I am able to run "lein repl" in the cmd shell; I have project.clj open and active in Sublime Text 3; I am getting "The system cannot find the path specified." and I'll be darned if I can't figure out what path it can't find!