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Cool stuff @meow! Did you know that Clisk has support for doing 3D textures?


@mikera: Thanks. I'm not that familiar with Clisk. What I'm working on are 3D printable designs generated using clojure to create STL files.


I recently started using geom for this as well. I'm working on adding support for X3D file output so I can include color information for the polygons.


I've been outputting to OpenSCAD files and then exporting to STL. And in the example above I added the color using Meshlab. But I want to bypass all of that and just directly output X3D files from Clojure.


I'm using polyhedra as my seed objects that then get transformed using a variety of operations, similar to what Karsten is doing with Morphogen, but I'm taking it in a different direction.


@mikera: Would love to hear how Clisk might fit into my creative process.


The end goal is a watertight X3D file that I can upload to a service like Shapeways to get a full-color 3D-print of the object.


The process is all about using generative algorithms (like the L-Systems and automata in my ergo library) and polygon manipulation to create interesting objects.


Hey all, after lots of conversations at the conj about datavis strategies in clj/s, it was clear that there was interest in having a place to discuss it, so I've just created a separate #C0F0V8DT5 channel. Please join if it's of interest simple_smile


Obviously there's overlap with this channel, but it seemed like there was definitely a need for both.


@eggsyntax: thanks for the heads-up