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@alandipert: are you using lambada for your lambda stuff?

Kira Sotnikov18:11:32

raywillig: I've started to use it

Kira Sotnikov18:11:49

Running a simple function for getting twilio integration


how has your experience been with it?

Kira Sotnikov18:11:22

Honestly I've been working with it about 1 week

Kira Sotnikov18:11:48

It's pretty good. Just provide my code running on lambda

Kira Sotnikov18:11:01

Do you have a trouble with it?


not yet. i'm just getting started on using lambda. trying to make good choices early on

Kira Sotnikov18:11:41

raywillig: lambada is pretty good library. Enough simple and works

Kira Sotnikov18:11:13

Honestly, i'm not ready yet to public my code simple_smile

Kira Sotnikov18:11:55

And I don't get any issues with using it


cool, thanks for the input

Kira Sotnikov18:11:46

raywillig: feel free to ask me if you got a q

Kira Sotnikov18:11:07

as far as a i remember, it was not so trivial to run first time simple_smile


thx for the offer. i will probably take you up on it

Kira Sotnikov19:11:46

raywillig: happy lambda coding simple_smile