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morning 😼 mogge


Morning and good night as I'm trapped in a building with no wifi, poor mobile signal and a firewall on the machine I have to use which is.... shudders ....Windows 7!


Therefore this will probably be the limit of my contribution today


good luck @agile_geek Our thoughts are with you.


every cloud has a silver lining I guess.


Curious if anyone here is using a standing desk & what they think of it?


@dominicm Catharine mentioned you wanted a standing desk


Yeah, although I've apparently been nominated as an "expert", so I'm trying to research. I've been putting it off since euroclj 😛


I highly recommend the ikea desk


Don't have one, but I've checked them out. I'd love one for my house/office


To be more specific, the Bekant


The only thing that slightly puts me off is that some of the others have profiles for height, when you're intensely focused on a problem, and feel like sitting down, you don't want to be finding the exact right height because of the distraction.


I also figure it's quite a safe option 🙂


I had the perfect shaped non-standing desk for my study, so used gas-spring mounting brackets for my monitor and laptops to make it a standing desk too;qid=1500993323&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=thingy+club


@dominicm - I am not at the moment, but I used one for a while, on and off, when I was at the BBC and I have to say I liked it. I don’t think that I would have liked it as a permanent fixture, but to have as an option it was great.


@agile_geek - I am truly sorry; our thoughts are with you brother

Rachel Westmacott08:07:29

:shudder: :refer :all is the devil outside of a test namespace” - some would say even within a test namespace.

Rachel Westmacott08:07:23

I think most offices should at least one standing desk for pairing.


@peterwestmacott - I could not agree more; I found pairing at a standing desk to be particularly good.

Rachel Westmacott09:07:38

The most important part of office comfort for me is variety. No single chair is comfortable in the long term.


*nods* I can see that


@peterwestmacott at least within a test namespace you can say that you are reasonably coupled to the namespace under test


@otfrom - have I understood correctly that :refer :all is a bit like just importing the entire namespace, i.e. it can lead quite easily to name collisions etc. and as such is to be avoided if at all possible..?


(i.e. is that why you are describing it as “the devil”)


@maleghast @peterwestmacott any brands you'd recommend?

Rachel Westmacott10:07:07

dominicm: no, sorry


@dominicm - I am sorry to say that I never paid attention to such things. There were standing desks that we could go and use, in the co-working space next to our “slice” of the office, and I used them and liked them, but I never noticed / clocked a brand.


That's okay. I'm currently looking at and thinking this would be really cool. Plug in, have a script adjust the height of the desk you're at activate the second monitor, etc.

Rachel Westmacott10:07:05

dominicm: why on earth do you want a script? Surely a physical button on the desk is best - fewer (computational) moving parts to go wrong

Rachel Westmacott10:07:20

plus less chance of colleague with a sense of humour hacking your desk!


@peterwestmacott we're planning on swapping desks a lot. So it's useful to be able to auto-configure a desk how you like. There's a few routine tasks you'll do when getting to a desk: * Adjust height of desk * Configure monitors (resetting panels which don't auto-adjust, & blah) * Mute the laptop depending on whether the desk is in a quiet area or not Seems like things that should be scripted.

Rachel Westmacott10:07:06

that does sound cool if you get it all working smoothly

Rachel Westmacott10:07:26

and +1 for promiscuous pairing / hotdesking


I mean, if the height fails to adjust, you do it manually, or run that line of python/shell/whatever again (this is what I do now)


But only for monitors & muting right now


and changing wifi


I want to seriously geek out the JUXT offices


I'm probably going to get one of the IKEA standing desks


@dominicm myself and a few folks at my work have these:;Colour:Black Quite good as you can adjust them quickly and easily. The highest setting doesn’t work for one guy who is pretty tall tho (keyboard shelf sits too low for him)


@dominicm - That desk looks supremely cool!


Just to entirely derail the conversation: these make me lol


Android-on-a-Stick doesn’t have the same ring to it.


I'm not sure I've seen them out of back-order, which makes me wonder if it's a joke. If it's real, then it's an impressive piece of work. I wonder how reliable it is.

dominicm10:07:49 it has an SDK. (Seemingly not available in the UK, at least not listed.... 😢)

Rachel Westmacott10:07:39

@otfrom I still like a well-named alias eg: test-subject/...


@peterwestmacott I think a trick people often forget, and therefore get torn on ugly names, is forgetting that you can alias with dots.

(require '[myapp.webapp.test.util :as test.util])


@dominicm - That’s really uesful to know - I had no idea, personally, but it does mean that one can create much more “friendly” aliases 🙂


It's a lot nicer than test-util imo. I know it's just a dot vs a hyphen. But for some reason it matters.


*nods* I get where you are coming from 🙂


@peterwestmacott I'm not saying you can't use aliases in test code, I'm saying it is the only place I'll accept :refer :all

Rachel Westmacott13:07:59

I might try to go straight to VR working, and skip the whole standing desk thing.


Sitting down is the new standing up.


@thomas, I spoke to you a few times at euroclojure without piecing together that you were you.


So, you know, hi 👋


Totally want to campaign for euroclj badges to have twitter/slack/etc. handles


@dominicm you don't have it tattooed on your forehead?


Saving space for my Government Approved™ Theresa May ID Badge™ "think of the children saved by doing this!"


Day 2 of corporate hell and still no JDK or lein on my machine.... astonishing how much I can charge for twiddling thumbs. I'm getting frustrated now tho


@otfrom What to throw at someone? Good idea, I'll bring my copy of @henrygarner's nice and heavy! Unfortunately the system is automated so I can't even throw stuff at someone real.


When I joined Macromedia (back in 2000), they were still putting together my team so the first week I spent mostly at a temporary desk in a storage area with no computer (and pretty much nothing else)... But, hey, they paid so...


@jonpither not your problem mate


@seancorfield my record is 6 weeks without a machine let alone one with all permissions and software...but my tolerance for bs has dropped a lot since then!


Wowzer... I worked at a firm of actuaries (back in the 90's) and we had no permissions to install anything and when I joined (as a contractor, paid by the hour), they took three days to install the C compiler on my machine. I even had to sit there and watch them install it on my neighbor's machine and, because I was a few slots down the schedule, they wouldn't do my machine even tho' they were sitting right there next to me!


But at least I had manuals to read in the mean time (they'd hired me specifically to write a compiler from actuarial formulae to parallel C code and the Inmos Transputer).