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In examples I see the a form's values being set with name="item1" value={{item1}}' but what if I wanted to set the value programmatically? like name="item{{forloop.counter}} value={{str "item" forloop.counter}}


I have a table so I have item-1-1 item1-2 item2-1 item2-2 etc.


I am about to just hard code the table and be done with it but I have a feeling there is a better way


you should be able to do name="item{{forloop.counter}} value="item-{{forloop.counter}}"


@yogthos will value="item-{{forloop.counter}}" result in the value :item1 or "item1" I assumed it would be the latter.


Yeah it would be a string


Probably a noob question, but I’ve been stuck on this for a while: I build my application using lein uberjar. I’m able to run my application (java -Xms400m -Xmx400m -jar voetbalhelden.admin.jar) but when I try to open the login page I get the following error (in the logs): ERROR admin.middleware - #error { :cause JAR entry templates//login.html not found in /home/jan/Source/sports-club/admin/target/uberjar/voetbalhelden.admin.jar :via [{:type :message JAR entry templates//login.html not found in /home/jan/Source/sports-club/admin/target/uberjar/voetbalhelden.admin.jar :at [ connect 142]}]


the // looks a bit suspect, are you sure your path is correct?


Which path would that be? Going to the root URL of my application should redirect to the login page (which it does correctly)


The // is indeed quite odd, but I have no idea where it’s coming from


@yogthos I found the cause of the “//“: I used (layout/render “/login.html”) instead of (layout/render “login.html”) in the route handler. This wasn’t causing any trouble in dev mode, but apparently it does when deploying it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction 🙂