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it’s nice enough for a long comfortable road ride here today 🙂


Wouldn't want to get into that state on the road ;-) It's quite foggy in the midlands too and I don't like riding in fog. My downhill bike needs some attention before riding, and so does my cardio so turbo it was. A little recovery and on with some Spec


Am I wrong in thinking that Cursive typically allows Send commands to repl without previously loading the commands namespace? A fresh REPL is failing when sent

(require '[clojure.spec :as s])
CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: require in this context, compiling:


If I load the namespace first, then the same require command works okay.


You’re correct @paulspencerwilliams It’s bitten me a few times


@gjnoonan at least I'm not going mad. Or at least, this isn't a sign of the inevitable!


Turned out the forecast was wrong anyway, light drizzle and fog. And i’d chosen to leave my packable jacket behind!


doh. at least you didn't overheat!


I had a wonderful afternoon typing parens. I got what I want working, and now need to refactor in prep for a talk in a couple of weeks.