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@glenjamin my cljs talk was a backup talk for QCon last year.. I am assuming Jon Pither, acron or someone from would be great


@paulspencerwilliams morning Paul how are thee?


@agile_geek: okay cheers. Prepping my wmjug session im two weeks. Playing with 'leverage' from spec; using failure data to drive a conversation UI component for a chatbot from a company hackathon in Dec. How's things up Norf?


@paulspencerwilliams sounds fascinating. I don't know a huge amount about Spec. It's alright up here, a bit dark and cold atm


@agile_geek neither do I but is there a better way of committing to learning something?


@agile_geek I've just planned a 2 hour turbo trainer session (mtb enduro race simulation) for tomorrow morning, and then all late / morning and afternoon will be Spec geeking. I've been speaking with @gfredericks about appropriate properties for integration testing using Google calendars..


2 hour turbo! Ouch! That is going to hurt!


I don't think I'd be conscious let alone capable of hacking on Spec! I can barely manager 45 mins on the turbo on my road bike.