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But I have no idea what the ramifications of that change are.


@angusiguess I'm guessing since the order is random anyway, changing it to a vector wouldn't change much


for :requires


I'd just call distinct at the end to ensure no duplicates


Hi, When creating an iterator from a cljs.core.SubVec, the type of the wrapped vector is not checked. This is dangerous because RangedIterator makes assumptions on the PersistentVector internals. This also differs from the Clojure implementation: vs As a consequence, cljs.core.subvec is incompatible with alternative Vector implementations Can I open a ticket for this ?


actually, the difference is that clojurescript's ranged iterator uses persistent vectors internals directly while clojure's ranged iterator only uses "nth" from Indexed


when passed a nil coll, clojurescript's assoc returns an hash-map, shouldn't be an array-map instead ?


cljs.core.MetaFn alone adds 8K of javascript code to cljs.core. It's probably rarely needed by clojurescript users. It cannot be removed by the closure compiler because cljs.core uses "with-meta" at multiple places. Almost everywhere cljs.core uses "with-meta" it could use "-with-meta" instead. By doing this, MetaFn gets removed for users who do not explicitly use "with-meta" or "vary-meta". Would a patch be considered ?