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In my project.clj, I'm trying to dynamically get my already specified project version. In [SAMPLE.MD](, it says I can use :project/version to obtain the version, so I'm doing this:

:ring {:handler ... :uberwar-name ~(str "name" :project/version ".war")}
But this doesn't expand :project/version instead it prints it literally: name:project/version.war


I've also tried (:version project), but I get an error saying that project cannot be found. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


i'm feeling a bit stupid having to ask this, but i'm in a situation where i'm maintaining an alternate version of a project that doesn't use a certain dependency and instead of creating a separate project file i just added another file with a different ns to the current one figuring i could just require it from the repl and it would override all the common functions. requiring it is working, but the functions don't seem to be available, including those that aren't duplicates