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@nate PS: I'm loving your group learning meetups — learned all about mount/integrate in this episode on kit, and all the commentary from @, as well. As well as the episodes on xtdb! Cc @taylor.jeremydavid

💙 2

(Was not expecting to learn about logback and undertow!)


(“Everyone should stop using depstar, and use use tools.deps instead!” (Looking around to see who they're talking about. 😂😂😂. IT’S ON MY LIST, OK?!? 😂😂)


@nate “Honeysql is my fave way of exploring SQL databases.” Holy cow. Have you see Ultorg? Seriously freaked out when I saw it. Here's the video:


Oh yes! I just learned about it a little bit ago. I think from your tweets. It's on my list to explore soon.


And I need to blog about exploring with honeysql


It's based on this guys PhD dissertation at MIT. Amazingly easy to use app (written in Swing, but you'd never guess, if you know what I mean.) Having a blast using it — already changing how I explore databases in the initial stages.


Cc @seancorfield suspect you'd get a kick out of it too. I DMed them on Twitter, and he sent the install link. Highly recommended!!


(And super response to feature requests! I asked if it number of rows could be shown easier — it's in the next version.)


@seancorfield a magic wand wish: someday, can you show how one gets datify / nav working in portal in a screencast? I love the idea of it, but literally have no idea how to make that work, despite reading all the docs, and hearing you talk about it. I use and portal, but don't know how to string it all together to get that magical dynamic you describe. 🙏🙏🙏. Thank you!!!!


I hate doing screencasts:grin:


But "it just works" so I have a hard time explaining it to folks. I keep saying I'll Livestream some of my work one day


Perhaps at the next meetup? (no pressure 😉 )


If I'd been in the country for the March meeting about Portal, I'd have definitely shown this off 😀


FWIW, I just can’t even visualize in my head what it looks like when you say “it just works”. I have a vague image of my head of Stu showing how it worked in REBL and Datomic, but I didn’t fully understand what was being shown even then! 🙂. (Aside from the reaction of 🤯 and “I want it.” 🙂


I wrote this after seeing Stu demo the feature


I’ve definitely read that several times — some more lightbulb flickering now. Ah. I think my problem is I’ve typically thrown the metadata away when I return the query results. Let me try it again!!! And if I get it working, I’ll post a video of it!!


Thank you!!


If you just tap> the result of execute! into Portal, then select a value in it for a foreign key and press enter, it will fetch that row.


Like statusid : 42, it will fetch a row from the status table where id = 42


(And FWIW, I saw the REBL presentation, and my mind was blown. But I’ve never actually fully understood how it works or actually seen in action outside of that presentation. So, it’s still a bit mystifying… This very much helps. I’ll give it a shot in the next couple of days!)


I will try!!! 🎉🙏 Would be so fun!!