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Pure-clojure zero-deps prometheus client

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Mark Wardle18:05:27

Is this also a recommendation for Prometheus in production? 🙂


Beta version of the fitter — new system components library

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Joshua Suskalo14:05:46

Have you considered writing a tradeoffs section of the readme explaining where this library may fit better into an application than the alternatives

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Agreed. More generally, the Design goals section could probably be expanded on a bit to give us a moral sense of where the library is coming from.


I'm noticing some interesting ideas here; I like how what a component is is kind of flexible.


The other thing I find interesting is "suspend". I'm curious; what's your rationale or use case for this?


Oops, sorry, did not see notifications...


@U5NCUG8NR maybe, when release version will be ready.

Joshua Suskalo17:05:08

Oh, since you announced it in #announcements I assumed this was a release version.


@U05100J3V the library is coming from some pain I've got from use of other libraries :-) And I create it firstly for my personal needs

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@U5NCUG8NR it was a release of beta version :-)


Looking forward to seeing updates on it


@U05100J3V about suspend. Integrant has suspend, I use it and I find it useful in some scenarios.


OK; Thanks. I didn't realize integrant had that already. I guess if there's a cheaper way to pause processing or connectivity of some component, being able to plug in and use that as appropriate makes sense. I'm just curious to know more specifics of when you've found that handy, and if there's a particular flow you find yourself using with that.


@U05100J3V my reloaded workflow in large applications means system restart on changes. Some components start slowly (hikary-cp, database migrations), and don't need restart most of the time if related configuration does not change. So I make such components suspendable.

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Got it; Thanks.


Hello @U05100J3V Would you like to help me to improve readme? I could answer all your questions then you provide suggestions what to add in the readme 🙂 I'm not good in writing documentation...