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Lyn Headley11:05:01

I'm having some trouble getting my configuration for cider/cljfmt set up. It doesn't look like the options I am setting are taking effect. I have set:

(setq cider-format-code-options
        '(("remove-consecutive-blank-lines?" t)
          ("remove-multiple-non-indenting-spaces?" t)))
And inside this file I have run cider-format-buffer:

(def my-map {:a :b :c      :d})
I would expect this file to be reformatted like this

(def my-map {:a :b :c :d})
But instead nothing has changed.


This appears to be a bug, the cider--nrepl-format-code-request-map function returns an empty dict


Is there any way to disable the Daad REPL exist. Reuse? (y or n) question? I found this is only related with reuse a old cider buffer right, and usually to me typing n or y would result in the same


There's a github issue about this: Personally I also found it annoying and simply edited the function, replacing the (y-or-n-p ...) form with t


Thanks! Will keep an eye on that issue and probably do your workaround too :)