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I have written below code , but in console is giving Every element in a seq should have a unique :key

(map (fn [row]
             [:thead [:tr
                      (map (fn [name]
                             ^{:key name}
                             [:td.element-size {:scope "row"} name]) (vals row))]]) rows)


Thanks for the response @U11BV7MTK and @U4YGF4NGM, One issue found out is there were the duplicate values in the name , which is nil hence it was causing the issue


I am not getting where to add key again, I tried multiple way! Can anyone tell where I am missing!


you have td with keys but not trs with keys.


Yeah the thead needs a key as well as the td


Hi, beginner here. Thought about putting my question in the #beginner channel, but here it goes Do you know of any complete or comprehensive tutorial on mobile development in Clojure (an example of an app)? Is React-Native the most used stack for Clojure mobile apps (therefore use reagent/Clojurescript)? Is Flutter used if so, is there an equivalent Clojurescript route targeting (or replacing?) dart? I would love to build a semi-simple mobile app, as solo and Clojure beginner: any advice/suggestion is welcome. Thanks


Clojure(script) on mobile can be tough to get started with. I think the most common setup is using clojurescript with either react native or packaged web app. It's doable, but you will probably have to get acquainted with clojurescript and javascript. Additionally, you'll also need to learn a bit about the mobile APIs and their wrappers. It's a less well trodden path, so you may need to fill some gaps on your own. For react native, I think is a popular option. Krell's readme also mentions some other options. For packaging a web app, I've used in the past, but there are probably others.

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That's a bummer. I really would like to do thing in Clojure. I just discovered ClojureDart is a new thing...Hope that's easier for beginners but probably no tutorials yet as it is new.


@U01BDCAV7NZ, I wouldn't give up hope quite yet. Are there any requirements that would prevent you from building your app as a web app? Web apps can be quite capable, easier to update, easier to deploy, and there are lots of resources for getting started.


Is that commonly done in Clojure: building a web app and configuring it to work like a mobile app?


I think it's common both inside and outside of the clojure community.

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Thanks for asking this question, @U01BDCAV7NZ as I am interested in similar. Thanks to @U7RJTCH6J for your answers!