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reposting this from the Chicago Clojure meetup group:

Dear Chicago Clojure,

I'm looking to schedule another hack night (which is our default format) for October.  If this satisfies the needs and desires of this group, then that's great, we'll keep scheduling hack nights and I am happy to participate in all of them.  However if you have a desire to share Clojure related things with the group, please feel free to reply to this and I'd be happy to try to schedule a time for you to speak.  I would like in particular to address what a few people have told me is a perception that their topic might seem trivial.  While it's awesome that we get advanced topics for some of our more senior clojurians, we have many many new comers to the language who could benefit from more introductory talks on a wide range of subjects from popular libraries to build tooling to testing, etc.  So in short, this meetup has a ton of folks subscribed (720 as of now) and a broad diverse topic set will engage different people in that group, but don't be hesitant to speak because your topic doesn't sound like previous topics.  As always, I look forward to continuing to meet together with all of you in the coming months.