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It seems that cljr add project dependency not work well with figwheel and I've same this problem in a video on youtube.


@doglooksgood: can u file a github issue pls with the details


not sure if this is a bug.


how do you folks do the vertical aligning? for example dependencies? I know recommended style guide goes against aligning dependencies but if you still would like to do that. How do you align something like this:

[com.cognitect/transit-clj   "0.8.288"        :scope "test"]
                 [com.cemerick/piggieback     "0.2.1"          :scope "test"]
                 [adzerk/boot-cljs            "1.7.228-1"      :scope "test"]
so every column is nicely aligned?


I mean I expected Slack to totally ruin it, but in this case it surprised me with doing it right. Now, say I need to add some longer dependency, maybe something like this: [org.martinklepsch/boot-garden “1.3.2-0”], now that would require redoing everything. right?