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Hi, I am gathering information about the possibility to setup a Clojure team (3-4 devs) for a 1+ year dev project due to start in the beginning of 2017. The info I am looking for is, basically, how easy it is to hire clojure devs (competencies, availabilities, cost).


It all depends, of course. I think there are a fair number of Clojure developers out there. I think some of the biggest factors which determine how easy it is to hire developers are: Are you looking for contractors or employees? Are part-time workers OK? Are you looking to build a colocated or a distributed team? For a remote team, what are the geographic limits, e.g. US-only or within some number of time zones?


Contractors, preferably full time (part time might be possible). Remote is ok and the preferred time zone is CEST +-3 hours


Well, I’m not very familiar with the market in Europe, but I am guessing the upcoming EuroClojure would be a great way to meet candidates. By concentrating on Europe, you’ll lose out on developers in the US. Part-time can be really attractive for some contractors, so if that’s really an option, it can help you reach a broader set of candidates. Of course, compensation matters. Lastly, are you going to want to contract with senior-level people only or are you willing to take on more junior developers. The former cost more but can be worth it, but the latter, though probably riskier, may be easier to find for less money.


@sattvik thanks for that pointer. We might hire one senior dev . The other could be medior or junior willing to learn.


No problem.


@jcm i’ve been building a Clojure team in Amsterdam sinds Januari. currently at 4 developers. send me a pm if you have questions


@jcm for what I saw, lots of Clojure developers are contractors. I would say that contracting, remote, and open to part time are the best conditions possible to make the hiring easier. 🙂 (I am available myself in the next months, feel free to pm. Medium+, Remote, CEST+1)